Let’s quickly text

how can u read dis passage when der r no proper spellings or punctuation for dat matter. isnt it gr8 dat u can read this when der are some words omitted 2?

Could you read that passage easily? Our way of texting to friends goes something like that. But have you ever thought of the long term effects that such language can cause?Texting Kills

Short forms
If you visit a place, all you have to do is click a picture of the place and post online for your friends to see and comment. The comments often go like-


Shud go nd c dis place!

Osam pics!

Etc, etc. Our language has been altered to be short these days. We all used to type ha ha ha when someone sent a funny picture or a joke. Now, all we have to do is type a simple LOL. Why don’t we all just laugh out loud instead of typing LOL? ‘Should’ is typed as ‘shud’, ‘see’ is brought down to the letter ‘c’, and people even have difficulty in writing an A in ‘and’, which is often typed as ‘nd’.

Origin of short words in texting
Words were originally shortened to send SMSs at a low cost. An SMS at that time was limited to only 160 characters and people often had to omit words, spaces or shorten words to get the whole message across. This practice has been going on for a long time and although we have communicating apps, usually available free to download, that allow us to type more than 160 characters, we still prefer to use short forms.

One more aspect of grammar that has turned topsy turvy with the arrival of instant messaging apps is our punctuations. We often forget when to an alphabet in capital and where to apply commas and colons and semi colons because we don’t use them while texting. Capitalisation of proper nouns is often overlooked. Also, we tend to type unnecessary words in capitals thinking that we are emphasizing those particular words. Texting has become such that some sentences do not have any capital letters and some sentences are completely written in capitals. Devices have auto capitalisation which is why we don’t have to keep turning the caps lock on our phone on when starting a new sentence. But there is no such auto capitalisation feature in built into our class notes or exam papers. For example, many a times, don’t is written without the apostrophe. When writing on paper, the same mistake may occur.

Auto correct while Texting
Have you ever wondered which of these spellings are right?




No clue, right?

Now, if you were to write this word on your device, auto correct would automatically give you the the right spelling.

Auto correct is a built-in feature in most phones that can activated and deactivated at your pleasure. We rely so much on auto correct to automatically correct our wrong spellings that we forget the real spellings of words. This in turn, may affect what we write. Apostrophes are also automatically added for words such as don’t, can’t etc. when we write dont, cant etc.

Forgetting how to write
As we keep texting in such a language, we may forget how to frame a sentence with all the rules of grammar. We forget spellings, punctuations and our handwriting is also affected. We may no longer get the perfect ‘a’ that we want in our exams owing to such silly mistakes.

Texting can be a great way to communicate with friends who live very far away. But the ecstasy of receiving a letter from a friend is never the same as texting him/her. So, write letters and show them how much you care about them. They always appreciate the extra effort.

Author: Sanjana Guruprasad

(Four words describe her. Books-dogs-food-sleep. An avid reader with a passion for writing stories, poems and articles, Sanjana wishes to trade pens and dogs for every sword and gun.)

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