5 Simple Ways to Show your Appreciation

Who does not like to hear “wow, great job” accompanied by a smile and a pat on the back?

Appreciation is an essential component in any relation and yet we see only long faces, tired and worn out. Unappreciated.

Appreciation starved employees, children, students, spouse, teams, individuals make up this fast paced world.

Consider receiving these words for your efforts today –

  1. I really appreciate your effort
  2. Could you help with…
  3. Thank You for your….
  4. I am amazed by your creativity..
  5. I can challenge you on that thought…

Yes! Gratitude, consideration, praise and even a healthy challenge is appreciation of someone’s effort and it is a basic psychological need.

Appreciation makes the receiver feel loved and boosts his confidence.

But how is it a tool for influencing?

By the simple principle of reciprocation. Since reciprocation encourages people to give back after they receive, the one who gives first is at an advantage to receive positive reciprocation. This is specifically useful in new environments, creating engagements across teams and building long term opportunities.

Researchers have found that an explicit display of appreciation more than doubled the compliance rates for new request. (In a study conducted by behavioral scientists Adam Grant and Francesca Gino).

Such research prove that managers and Organizations stand to benefit by actively seeking out opportunities where they can show their appreciation. And that simple email for a great effort covers more ground than the end of the year employee award.

The infographic below shows you how. Share it with a smile and let the principle of reciprocation work its magic.

5 ways to appreciate

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